We have complied a list of key facts about the impact of under funding Student Paramedics.

Risk of burnout
Students are expected to write essays, maintain grades at university and be mindful of the risk of burnout and vulnerability to PTSD[1]
Less than 1%
Creating a bursary for Student Paramedics would take up less than 1% of the education budget.
Intense training
Student Paramedics in Scotland undergo intense training with little or no support.
Student paramedics are under immense pressure to provide quality care and clinical qualified paramedic skills, under supervision of a paramedic, whilst on placement shifts.
2,250 hours unpaid
50% of the Paramedic Science course is placement, doing full time hours working side by side with qualified Paramedics but without pay.
Many Student Paramedics are unable to take second jobs due to time restraints and can end up living below the poverty line.
900% less support
Student Nursing and Midwives receive 400-900% more support than Student Paramedics from the Scottish Government.
Student Paramedics do the same placement hours as Student Nurses and Midwives, but our bursaries are at least £8000 less a year.
Unequal Support
Nursing and Midwifery students get £10,000 per year non repayable bursary without any household income assessment.
Taking a SAAS student loan, Student Paramedics still get less than the £10,000 offered to Student Nurses and Midwives. Unlike them, they need to pay it back, plus interest.
Preparing for the future
Demand has increased far beyond the resources available with 98% of paramedics reporting their workloads being heavier.
The Scottish Ambulance Service is severely understaffed. We want to answer the call for help, but we need your help too.

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