Write your MSP

If you’re not sure who they are, you can find your MSP by entering your postcode here. If you don’t have access to the internet, you can call the Scottish Parliament’s public information team on 0131 348 5000 or 0800 092 7500. Depending on what you would prefer, you can just contact your constituency MSP, or you can also write to each of your regional MSPs to share your views.

Tips on what to write

  • Tell them you live in their constituency/region and include your address. This is so they will read your letter and take the time to consider your views.
  • If you want to, say you are writing to request that your MSP should highlight your concerns to the Scottish Parliament with regards to support for Student Paramedics.
  • Be clear about what we’re campaigning for. We want the Scottish Government to establish a bursary equal to that which is already available for student nurses and midwives in Scotland.
  • Explain why this matters so much to you. If you have an experience with the profession or as a student, or someone close to you wants to enter this profession but can't, do share this, if you feel comfortable.
  • Include some facts, stories and examples to support your argument. You can see some key points on our homepage – choose the ones you feel are most persuasive.
  • Tell them you look forward to receiving their reply and thank them for reading your message.

If you don't receive a response from your MSP after writing to them after 10 working days send them a follow up email.

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