Chloe has been a volunteer with St.John's Ambulance Service for almost two years teaching CPR and defibrillator training around Fife. She describes herself as a compassionate individual who can't wait to begin her studies at Queen Margaret University.

Chloe is excited to meet new people and learn on her new journey towardws becoming a paramedic. However, she knows first hand the finacial difficulties and time constraints this will cause having previously been at college studying while doing placements and juggling a part-time job.

Pay Student Paramedics asked Chloe a few questions regarding her new venture towards becoming a paramedic.

How do you manage your current student life?

I struggled greatly during college with mental health due to having to work the three days I had off, I would be 7 days a week for 9 months, I had no time to do anything as I was trying to save up as much money for university as I was aware that we are not granted a bursary. I had to do my essays during the night, most times I would be going to class with no sleep and handing in essays

Are you concerned about finances?

Yes, I’m not eligible for the little bursary we were allowed. It’s completely unfair, but I won’t let it stop me however I am very concerned about finances, I have had to take a student loan out but after paying for my accommodation I am only left with £50. This is how much my car insurance is a month, leaving me with nothing but a phone bill to pay and I won’t have money to provide food or Any basic essentials.

What does the Pay Student Paramedics campaign mean to you?

This campaign means unreal amounts to me, not for the fact that I will be able to have less financial worries but for those who aren’t able to even consider the paramedic science degree due to bills and family finances that they have to pay. That devastates me to think someone is so close to their dream but money is stopping them from pursuing it. It’s 2020, and the government aren’t willing to help fund the students studying one of the most important degree’s out there.

What would being granted a bursary like that received by student nurses and midwifes mean to you?

This would take so much stress and worry away from so many of us student paramedics. How can they give bursary to one and not the other. It’s like having two people help you paint your house, doing the same job but only paying one and not the other.

Chloe hopes that three years from now she will be a qualified and competent paramedic and in a financially stable position.

Finally we asked Chloe if she had any further comments to add. Here is what she had to say :

I hope that the government see these stories, and see how much stress they are putting on not only student paramedics, but current paramedics as there is not enough paramedics out there and this lack of funding for the degree will only cause less and less jobs to be filled within the Scottish ambulance service. This is a vicious cycle, and will only get worse.