Georgie, 23 will be returning to study in September at the University of Stirling entering the Universities newly-formed BSc Paramedic Science degree.

Georgie graduated in 2019 from Strathyclyde University with an honorary degree in BSc Sport & Physical Activity. Since graduating Georgie has gained employment as a carer for children and young adults with a range of additional support needs and complex disabilities. Georgie is also an author for the Pay Student Paramedics campaign in her free time.

An hardworking and avid sports enthusiast Georgie plays women's premier league football and has represented and captained some of Scotland national football teams throughout the youth age groups. Mindset was something that Georgie seemed keen to share her views on stating that she likes to approach everything with a positive mindset and believing in herself.

We asked Georgie why the campaign means so much to her. She advised that she feels passionate about ensuring student paramedics can access the same level as support as other healthcare students.

Pay Student Paramedics asked Georgie how she expects her current life to change returning to study. Georgie advised us of the difficult year she has had so far due to a bad injury at the end of 2019 resulting in surgery just before lockdown adding that her recovery has been difficult. Georgie has been preparing to return to study ensuring she is in good health to start her new venture as a student paramedic.

Due to Georgies injury and wanting to be in the best position to start university she has been unable to work. Georgie stated that she planned on working over the summer to save in preparation for returning to university financially but unfortunately things did not go as planned. Regretfully, she has had to reduce her hours at work to accomodate her university timetable and placements.

Georgie hopes to be graduating as a paramedic in three years before moving on to working for the Scottish Ambulance Service however fears that finances may be a barrier.

I’ve been through uni life before so I know how tough it is and I can only imagine this degree will be a lot harder than my previous. It’s tough to juggle uni, work, seeing friends and family and then to throw my footballing career into the mix, there doesn’t seem to be enough hours in the day. I still need to earn money though to pay bills so of course I’m worried how I’m going to manage it all.

Georgie feels that if student paramedics were granted a bursary equal to that of student nurses and midwives she would be able to fully focus on her studies and become the best student and future paramedic that she can be without worrying about finances.