Graham is currently a mature student ready to embark on his 2nd year as a student paramedic at Glasgow Caledonian University after completing a SWAP course to gain entry to University. A real family man with 5 children and 4 grandchildren he can be described as a dedicated individual who is chasing his lifelong dream of becoming a paramedic.

Pay Student Paramedics asked Graham a few questions about his journey so far and the financial impact being a student has on him and his family.

What does the Pay Student Paramedics campaign mean to you?

It means I could devote my concentrations on study and gaining practical experience.

How do you manage your current student life?

With difficulty, sometimes it's hard to juggle study with providing and appreciating the support shown by my family.

Are you concerned about finances?

Of course, almost every day! I'm supposed to be starting a 5 week placement in september, working full time paramedic shifts with no financial reward and no opportunity to work elsewhere. Over a month with no solid income!

Imagine yourself in three years. What do you hope will be different about you then compared to now?

I'll be working within the ambulance service, more confident and relaxed, with far more life satisfaction, but with an estimated 19k debt!

What would being granted a bursary like that received by student nurses and midwifes mean to you?

The world! It would mean financial pressures being eased for myself and my family, but also less pressure and worry, and a future free of student debt! And of course, the acknowledgment that we student paramedics are valued equally with nurses and midwives.