Kerri is a 23 year old student that has spend the past 3 years in college preparing to go into her first year of paramedic sciences at University of the West of Scotland (UWS). Alongside her current college course, she works 20 hours a week to be able to pay to run her car and bills.

After working hard at college as well as her job, Kerri enjoys her down time by keeping active, mentally as well as physically. She really enjoys rock climbing and playing the ukulele.

When asked what things shes thinking about when preparing for her course, Kerri explains that the cost of running her car and the fear of having to let go of her part time job, plays on her mind.

We then went on to ask the following questions:

What does the Pay Student Paramedics campaign mean to you?

It would greatly enhance my learning experience as I would not be worrying about debt after I finish, it would help me gain my c1 lisense so I have better employment opportunities within the Scottish ambulance service.

Are you concerned about finances?

Yes, I feel I will not be able to keep up with bills as I will need to work less.

What would being granted a bursary like that received by student nurses and midwifes mean to you?

Everything. I feel I would be much more calm and feel secure leaving university with little debt.

Finally we asked Kerri:

Imagine yourself in three years. What do you hope will be different about you compared to now?

I hope to be a registered paramedic with a c1 lisense.