Over the past month we have been collecting data for our new report the Looming Crisis Among Student Paramedics. It is has looked into the financial situation and mental health of over 200 student paramedics across Scotland. It shows that the situation of student paramedics has grown worse since our last report Student Paramedics On The Poverty Line.

The report shows many student are financially at breaking point, with this having a major impact on their mental health. Something that should distress anyone and hopefully will shake any newly elected government into action. Without an immenient change in funding we could be approaching a human tradgedy.

Some key statistics are:

  • 11% said their financial position has made them consider suicide.
  • 95% of respondents are concerned their money will not last long.
  • 80% Struggle to make ends meet between pay periods.
  • 57% have considered leaving the course because of finances.
  • 83% are worried they are going to burn out.

All of the major political parties in Scotland have committed to implementing this bursary. We welcome these words, but we can't be complacent, this bursary must be implement in full and by September 2021.

It is in the best interest of student paramedics welfare and Scotland's future to invest in student paramedics. This investment of supporting student paramedics would directly improve the sustainability and preparedness of our ambulance workforce.

In doing so protecting it for future generations whilst making the occupation more accessible to those individuals from deprived backgrounds.

Sign our petition at www.paystudentparamedics.org/petition