The launch of the Pay Student Paramedics Campaign has seen an overwhelming amount of support.

Our petition has now reached over 18,500 signatures, and is still continuing to increase every day. Thank you to all who have signed our petition so far.

Our social media platforms have gained an incredible amount of followers and support from the public. The launch of our campaign video went exceptionally well with in excess of 40,000 views. Between our social media platforms we have had over one thousand shares on our posts and with the support of the public, our campaign is growing.

The comments we have received on our social media posts have been very positive. However, there are a minority of comments that could be perceived as negative. We know that almost everything on social media has both negative and positive comments, and that our posts would be no different. Our way of handling this is to try to educate people by explaining our motives and intentions, in the hope that these individuals can come to an understanding about how the campaign is for the benefit of everyone.

Many supporters raised their own concerns with many making statements such as:

You would not have pilots for example permitted to work in such an exhausted state. -S

A fully trained paramedic and a student, both overworked and exhausted. -J

so sad because they can not even get a part-time job to help as they are busy training on job. -S

This campaign is vital to the future staffing of an essential service! -S

Liam McArthur MSP, Scottish Liberal Democrats stated:

This is an unjustified discrepancy in the funding provided by the Scottish Government for Student paramedics and student nurses. This is a valued profession, but it is already overworked and understaffed. We should be encouraging more young people into training and supporting them along that journey, not leaving them to lean on hardship funds to cover basic living costs while they learn.

An ambulance clinician added (as amended):

Expecting our future Paramedics to work 2nd jobs on top of full-time placement shifts, beyond working time directives, is dangerous... Why are we facilitating fatigue, financial hardship and inequality?

The public showed an incredible amount of support to our campaign launch video.

Scottish Government need to support their keyworkers of the future properly! -L

We want a strong sustainable health service with staff whose salary reflects their commitment and dedication. Sign the petition, please! -I

Thank you to everyone who continues to support the Pay Student Paramedics Campaign.