Rachel is getting prepared to start life as a student paramedic at the University of West of Scotland (UWS). Prior to this she has gained experience working as a lifeguard and within event medical services, she never expected to now be on the journey towards becoming a paramedic!

Rachel wasn't sure where her path was heading after being told she wasn't applying herself in her school life, she worked hard and achieved a degree in Sport and Exercise Science with the correct support system after finding out she was dyslexic.

Rachel is ready to take on the new challenge as a student paramedc and said she is ready to learn with a positive attitude and have fun!

Pay Student Paramedics asked Rachel a few questions about her current life and the Pay Student Paramedics campaign.

How do you expect your current life to change?

I will have to leave my current job as I will no longer be able to commit to the contracted hours so that will bestow a financial strain

Are you concerned about finances?

Yes, I worry that I will not be able to complete the training.

What would being granted a bursary like that received by student nurses and midwifes mean to you?

It would mean that I would be able to focus on my training, rather than worrying about being able to fund the 3 years by balancing working and placement hours/home life.

And finally...

What does the Pay Student Paramedics campaign mean to you?

It means so much, I'm passionate about getting Student Paramedics what they deserve in Scotland!