Today we release our report "Student Paramedics on the Poverty Line". It is has looked into the financial situation facing student paramedics across Scotland. The findings of the report are stark.

The evidence obtained from the Student Survey made it very clear that many student paramedics are living below the poverty line with many classified as destitute. Furthermore, the evidence found that many students are often working in excess of The Working Time Regulations 2003, which means that many students are at risk of ‘burnout’.

Meanwhile, some students are having to rely on food banks to feed themselves, sleeping at family and friends houses and some students working various jobs just to make ends meet.

Some key statistics found are:

  • 82.1% of students surveyed struggle to make ends meet between pay periods.

  • 83.3% of students surveyed advised that they are not able to handle unexpected major expenses (i.e. car repair).

  • 94.9% of students surveyed advised that they are concerned that the money that they have won’t last long.

  • 67.9% of students surveyed advised that they struggle to feed themselves and dependents (if applicable).

Less than two weeks ago Nicola Sturgeon said the Scottish Government would be conducting a review into the funding for the Allied Health Professions, which includes student paramedics.

As the facts in this report outline though student paramedics can’t afford to wait. For many the undetermined delay will mean deeper worries about finances, continued overwork and an ongoing struggle to meet ends meet.

It is in the best interest of student paramedics welfare and Scotland's future to invest in student paramedics. This investment of supporting student paramedics would directly improve the sustainability and preparedness of our ambulance workforce.

In doing so protecting it for future generations whilst making the occupation more accessible to those individuals from deprived backgrounds.

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